Monday, 2 March 2009

Oh dear...!!!!

I had such good intentions today. Come home from work make a cottage pie, take the dog for a walk with Hollie.......then it lashed down and I'm talking torrential rain.

Now why would rain cos such a problem?

Well.....I didn't go out for my walk I got lazy and sent hubby to the chippy instead. So now I am sat here full to bursting with a yummy cod supper inside of me and for good measure a malteser bunny which I'm addicted to at 3.5points.

To make matters worse it's WI tomorrow but I'm just gonna have to face the music and mark today off as a blip in my long journey to fabness lol.

I also got back my pics from weightview, talk about hilarious....

This is me 50lbs lighter.....

I then sent this pic off to see what I would look like with another 50lbs off which would take me to my goal of 11st.

lmao I think my legs look like they are gonna snap they're that skinny. This site is so good for a boost and a giggle too.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Story So Far.....

I've decided that to help with my weight loss and also to look back once I've achieved my goal is to put it out into the public arena.

Hi btw my name is Jen. I've just turned 28 and to mark the special occasion I decided to join WeightWatchers as the scales decided to tip at 19st on the nose.

To date in the past 7 weeks I have managed to shift 12lbs and have another 100lbs to go to my goal weight of 11st. I decided to join WW online as it's easy to access especially at work and I can't make an excuse of why I can't attend WI class.

This is the picture that started my WW journey.....

I seriously look like a whale stranded, my poor daughter lol. This was a holiday snap from our holiday in September 2008. I came across it when tidying up my computer and I got such a shock and at the same time was disgusted at myself. I got a stone heavier again after this pic was shot.

Anyways I vowed not to look like this again in a holiday snap and it has definitely given me incentive.

We, meaning me, my long suffering hubby Barry, and my gorgeous wee one Hollie have booked to go on holiday at the end of June 2009. Now I know what you are all thinking there is no way I'll be 11st by then and you're right but I do intend to be the lightest I've been in 10 years since meeting my now hubby. So I've set my mini goal at 16st max. I'm currently 18st 2lb hoping to be 18st at WI on Tuesday however it's coming to my TOTM so might sts.