Monday, 2 March 2009

Oh dear...!!!!

I had such good intentions today. Come home from work make a cottage pie, take the dog for a walk with Hollie.......then it lashed down and I'm talking torrential rain.

Now why would rain cos such a problem?

Well.....I didn't go out for my walk I got lazy and sent hubby to the chippy instead. So now I am sat here full to bursting with a yummy cod supper inside of me and for good measure a malteser bunny which I'm addicted to at 3.5points.

To make matters worse it's WI tomorrow but I'm just gonna have to face the music and mark today off as a blip in my long journey to fabness lol.

I also got back my pics from weightview, talk about hilarious....

This is me 50lbs lighter.....

I then sent this pic off to see what I would look like with another 50lbs off which would take me to my goal of 11st.

lmao I think my legs look like they are gonna snap they're that skinny. This site is so good for a boost and a giggle too.

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  1. I sent mine to weightview for a laugh - never published them though as they were so terrible!!!

    Well done for starting the blog, you are right about being in the public arena - brings in a bit of accountability!!